Baseball Betting Information

Baseball betting online is one of the most popular betting sports in our country. Gamblers love baseball betting because the standard line used for this game is the money line. This means that bettors must tell the house whether they think the team will win or lose without having to worry about covering the spread.

Baseball Betting

The difference between baseball betting and gambling on basketball and football is in the giving or taking of points, as opposed to needing to lay a lot of money in baseball on heavy favorites.

The game of baseball has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. We’ve all been a witness to an offensive explosion, the likes of which have never been seen in the 120-year history of Major League Baseball. Scoring is skyrocketing due to the dilution of pitching talent caused by expansion and the new hotbox ballparks being built around the country.

With scoring way up and bullpens so bad baseball betting has become much more difficult. In the good old days (actually just 5 years ago), all you had to do was study the starting pitching matchups and you could do pretty good for yourself in baseball betting.

That’s all changed now. Today, you CANNOT win consistently in betting baseball by just focusing on the starting pitchers. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than handicapping a game correctly only to see the bullpen blow it in the late innings.

Many handicappers are turning to what is called a “progression” style of baseball betting to win on straight baseball wagers. The theory is centralized around the three game series major league teams play against each other throughout the season. Here’s the way it works:

Find an underdog who has a good chance of winning at least one game in the three game series.
Bet $20 on the underdog to win the first game of the series.
If they lose that game, bet $40 on them to win the second game.
If they lose that game, bet $80 on them to win the final game.
All you need to them to do is win one game and you’re profitable! That means even if you win only 33% of the time you’re still winning money because you’re playing underdogs.

It’s impossible to handicap all the crazy, unpredictable things that are going to happen in a baseball game, but chances are the ball will bounce your way at least once over a 3 game period.

Here’s another baseball betting secret: I’ve had unbelievable success in the past few years betting the totals of MLB games analyzing the HOME PLATE UMPIRE!!! But this is an entirely different topic.