Live Roulette Strategy System Method

Oh there you go, everything is good now right and I really there’s only four percent more believable. So yes, as you can see, majority winning numbers for quite black, that’s for sure so yeah. So the lucky number of this round is number 13 black. So another black number, my congratulations guys. Can you imagine us exactly it’s gon na be like that around my difference.

Okay, eight seconds left I’m right now so far off by the way. Yet my name is zoom in LA, and I’m going to be your until of the next or maybe a bit less, and it’s very strange with me an apology, okay, darling battery close good luck was way bit before. What can we do? Well, there is such a black real. Very important number is here from zero skill section when gia France, Green and low number, as you can see many afraid, is zero green average. Here Michael one goes for all the lucky.

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My dear, could you draw login, maybe like logout and login one more time, maybe to help tricky one? Yes, you come right to something changing sentences yep, my dear friend here is a red number frontier section. Finally, red number, by the way same as the previous read from the last 12 second column.

Third, is Dilton ante resection blowing on it’s five runs. We already got it in a row, my dear friends congrats for the who won what for which position. My darling.

Are you talking about? Don’T thank you. Okay, let’s go here.

You go from. What position wants will happen with me something wrong: robot, okay, with your friends, butter is upset. What can we wait? It son as your Batman subjects, and maybe it’s in because you re in the camera yeah what happened with the camera? What happened with me in the camera, my dear friends, there is a black low number for first column in Arezzo from the tier.

That’S right you mean there. Okay, my difference is sound. Like sound your eyes, you are budget adopted, you can collect support for you. They will explain you what happened. Would you like to?

Can I do that, for you sound right, a wedding answer came with your friends. Yes, all right, I will call. Let me make it spin in a will.

Call all right here you go. I cooked had lots before okay wait, wait a bit on the right, even like that Monday yeah. Okay, can I can make a blueberry select resolution and then with here we got Oh black number and hi one from the second column and of second dozen hot Swan for more so in section everything speed to 20. So what what did he talk to you and 20 black and my components for the lucky winner and oh, you sounded you’re going to go to me to visit me Kim Johnson