Online Casino Banking Primer

You have a wide choice of methods of funding your casino accounts. I recommend that you open an electronic account.   The biggest advantage of an electronic account is that you can often receive payment from a casino within a couple of days instead of waiting 2-5 weeks for a cheque.  Choices like NETeller are accepted practically everywhere and casinos often offer you extra bonuses for using them.


NETeller is a fast, mostly free online cash transfer service that is accepted at almost all casinos.  Opening a NETeller account is like using an online wallet.   NETeller casino provides an extremely fast and secure method to transfer cash, with same-day payments.  Accurate, up-to-date online records of your transactions are provided.  Accounts are available to both US and international clients.

NETeller does not charge you for depositing or withdrawing money with the casinos.  You can make deposits into your Neteller account using electronic fund transfers (EFT), Visa, MasterCard and bank wires.  EFT is currently limited to American and Canadian clients.

Opening a NETeller account will make your life much easier.  For more information visit them at

Credit Cards

Almost all casinos accept visa and MasterCard.  Credit cards will allow you to start playing right away.  The problem is that some banks (mostly US banks) do not allow gaming transactions.  So it’s not Mastercard or Visa that will disallow the transaction but rather the Bank associated with the card. If you have more than one card, you can try another if the first one doesn’t get accepted.

Credit card deposits will also collect air miles or cash backs from your credit card, if applicable.  Some cards may charge a transaction fee.

The big disadvantage of using credit cards is that it will reduce your options of quick online withdrawals.  You will have to wait while the casino processes and mails you a paper check, which usually takes 2 -5 weeks.


Citadel offers fast, secure and convenient payment options. Citadel is a total electronic payment solution provider offering a secure internet environment for merchants and customers.  Fewer casinos accept Citadel at this time.

Bank Draft

Bank drafts will work for you if you are a very patient person.  You can mail a bank draft or a personal check deposit directly to the casino. After being received by the casino, bank drafts typically take 10 business days to clear, while personal checks take 21 days.