“Wheel of Fortune – Jackpot Paradise” Slot Machine from IGT

There are many celebrity appearances and other fun events in this segment i speak with, will foster. Who is the product manager and i gt international game technology about their new wheel, a fortune jackpot paradise slot machine which will be introduced into casinos throughout the US in the upcoming months. I am here whether we’ll foster this product manager and i gt and wills gon na show us the new wheel, a fortune jackpot paradise slot machine. Well, can you give us some information on how this came about?

I know there have been many generations will Fortune slot machines what’s different about this one than the previous ones. Well, for real fortunate really been a a great grand prix gtp, it’s been our portfolio for nearly 20 years. Now we continue to innovate with. Will Fortune Brands year-over-year in with the issue? Really, you know, came out with some great concept. You know right now we’re talking about the wheel of fortune, jack Walker dies which is coming out on our latest hardware and that crystal 442 presentation.

We’Ve also got the wheel of fortune our wages over here, with the will enough to support cabinet we’ve got another version around the corner. With will fortune alter, wheels, so-so, always some great innovation. You want to take your best brand and do you have a year-over-year you’re, providing new product to those players that are looking for that will fortune experience with this one? We got a couple, the a things in terms of design mechanisms where, for example, you know you’re playing your will for your products in your knees, I’ll these.

What jurisdictions? With these large progress, surprises and and and Latin meaning, wide-area progressive yessir, you know typically, the player understand that they need to get five distinct symbols on a given a line in order to win this wide-area progressive jackpot this million-dollar prize and what we’ve done in in Terms of summer, the game through a fortune this year, you look at the emphasis on jackpot, so what it means to players and we’re all wanted to bring that that message in that experience, jackpots forward to the players we’ve taken, that requirement out of the base game To win that that talk jackpot award and now we put it into a bonus feature so every time the player gets into this bonus, if they’re betting at the appropriate levels, they now have the opportunity to win that white area progressive jackpot top-level jackpot out about bonus. So we’re communicating and showing it up there much more frequently they understand the value of what they’re betting and what the opportunity is to win at those given bets sup.

Previously they weren’t there used to be only one way to win the wide-area progressive jackpot. Now, there’s two: we takin we’ve taken that out of the base game itself exclusively into the bonus, because now bone exclusively at the bar feature comes up so much more often for the players. It really incentivize in shows in the value of their bets. To get that talk jack artwork, I now I can you take us through some other bonus rounds here, take a look at that and and what is the maximum that gap make in order to be eligible as it of the Mac and that’s three hundred credits on This particular machine correct back to invest 100 credits to a three dollar wager makes you eligible for that that talk jackpot prize out our Web Awards, if we trigger little bitter the bonus, is here I’ll show you that jackpot feature for so three simple triggers bonus. Bonus bonus on that first, third and fifth, real will move that player into the bonus round where they spin the wheel and you get into the bonus round. If you make a less a maximum bet absolutely of up, you know the game is available at any.

Given bet, I anywhere from the 60 credits, all the way up to 300, but in order to be eligible for that talk, jack, but then again that’s what you really want to reinforce up player. They need a bet that 3 at three dollars at 3-under credits in order to be eligible. So from this bonus will.

This is where we actually awarded a free spins bonus is credit values. You can see the jackpot bonus wage up here. A player gets his big landscape players who play will fortune, it’s really about spinning the wheel.

So, although we don’t have a mechanical wheel on this, this cabinet virtually wanted to still emphasize the ability to spin that wheel for the players. Now someone made less than the maximum points, bad. What the jackpot bonus appears on other possibilities are ought not appear at all.

It does still continue to appear. The difference here is when we get into this jackpot bonus you’re, going to see different values shown to the player I at different jackpot level, so 1,2,3,4,5. But it’s gon na tell the player betting maxes. Your six jackpot level is out.

Rapoport, if you were betting less, you know at the sixty credit level that Jack, why wouldn’t be represented as that top flap aggressive? How many symbols are going to appear here? I you know you got this landscape, your these different icons, I’ll got 36 times.

I seventy 42 behind these 42 symbols. You got a jackpot symbols hidden in this great. So as a player, if I pick appropriately, I’ve got six picks in. If I reveal 6 jackpot symbols, I will win that top Russell Ward Center. Sad, never really seen anything like this before there really isn’t any on a wide-area progressive.

Rather there isn’t another product out there. That’S offering this this hot jackpot, two-b_-one out of the bonuses like this, so you see I’ve gotten one jackpot simple, I’m I’m at this level! Now I’ve got you are moving up. The are moving up now turns out the rest by picture credit value, slow windows, but it will reveal the different jackpot symbols throughout the game. I look they’re all on the top and I just after particular, you know bonus was gap for this one obviously would be distributed through those icons, much more all right and every one thing that people always wonder about what my nose icons appear there. It’S all done randomly is not predetermined up to the individual right, absolutely random, and that’s why we go through that reveal sequence so that the player can see that those additional jackpot arm symbols were there and they reveal where they were in place of absolutely.

And one final questionnaire: this is a penny. The nomination, I will always be a penny game. This is a pain denomination now in select jurisdiction, for example, stand-alone jurisdictions where this product my come out. Operators that have the choice, a penny you and other denominations if they want to do that, but for the web links wide-area progressive links. This is a penny product at the free on a credit bet. Okay, well foster from i gt thanks very much for spending time with us day.